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Duck tales: on crying, smiling and keeping your head up

Human beings are complex creatures. This phrase comforts me when my thoughts are at the verge of a cliff and racing trough my mind, no solutions but a knot!… I could apply a … Continue reading

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Till death do us part. Unwanted by the souls on earth, enraged by the wolves that cry That man is lonely, sitting on his bottle. His fingers wrestled red and … Continue reading

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Bits of Munich

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In Non-Places, No One Can Hear You Cry

Originally posted on The Disorder Of Things:
Post 4 in a series of ethnographic notes sent from the Pacific Ocean. View more from the series here. Keeping watch at sunset from…

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Street education

We only have one planet earth Chinese Virtue Be dutiful

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My first visit to a Chinese factory – clothes pegs and fabric

Looking trough the pictures of last year on my phone, I stumbled upon photos of a visit we have made to a Chinese factory. An interesting and eye-opening experience which I … Continue reading

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Jarie et le mystère des humains

« J’aurais voulu être écrivain » Ce qu’elle avait voulu dire, c’est qu’elle aurait voulu avoir eu une vie d’écrivain, une vie romanesque, pleine de rencontres, de risques, d’amours exaltants, de moments … Continue reading

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From the old basket

  Language might be a foe, But please don’t misinterpret this. It might be a tool too   I ain’t somebody with secrets. Language is a virtue, a passion, a … Continue reading

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Fragile look on Düsseldorf


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